Never in my life have I ever paid so much for a chair but it turns out this one seems to be worth it. It is a Stressless Chair by Ekornes and it is perfect for stitching. Yes, that hallway really is painted orange...LOL! All the walls really are that vivid in color. I love bright and cheery colors, they make me happy. Now back to the chair. It is made with memory foam and I am finding this most helpful for those long stitching hours that I like to put in. If you can deal with the modern look and the price tag I would suggest looking into purchasing one if you are in the market for a new chair.
On the bright side my thumb is doing MUCH better. The IB is working so I should be able to get back to stitching real soon. 


Joysze said...

AWESOME!!! It's a wonder you don't just fall asleep in there instead. Hehehe.