Considering I am making 2014 a WIP slaying year this seems like the perfect SAL for me to join. So let's get on with the introduction. I have been stitching off and on for about 25 years. I love Mirabilia, samplers, and Chatelaine Designs (not that I have finished a Chatelaine yet, more on that later on). These three are my greatest loves but of course there are many many more. That love of all things cross stitchie is what has gotten me into this dilemma of a WIP hot mess.

  • Red by Mirabilia
  • Three Tulips (can't remember the designer)
  • Ashley's Roses by Mirabilia
  • Blackstone Fantasy Garden by Ink Circles
  • Sabrina by Mirabilia
  • Halloween by Oberlin Samplers
  • Queen Anne by Dark Side of the Moon
  • Peacock by Dimensions
  • Fairy Idyll by Mirabilia
I cannot see myself getting more than this completed this year due to the fact I want to work on one of my Chatelaines. I am trying to keep this "realistic". I know I will want to start something new this year as well. I shall absolutely start Santa's Magic by Mirabilia, this is extremely high on my bucket list. Along with slaying WIP's this year I shall also be stitching just from my stash. The only purchasing I am allowing myself is threads, but only if they are needed to finish a design. I have so many lovely fabrics and designs that this should not be that difficult. When February market comes around I might not be feeling so confident and cocky.

How on earth does one forget about a WIP that they have, which is of a design they absolutely love? Seriously!? Now this has me this a one time occurrence? Will I come across more long forgotten WIP's? I hear this little voice in my head (let's call this voice Joyce) she is saying I told you so! Yeah yeah yeah time to get my poop in a group.


I have been thinking about the amount of WIP's that I have and I am not pleased about it. I don't even know exactly how many I have other than the fact it is too many for me. So my dear friend Joy gave me an assignment. Gather them all up and post them here so that I have some reference pictures to go from when I move onto the next project that needs to be finished. The first picture you see here is Red by Mirabilia. This was started late last year so it is not an old WIP but it was already on my floor stand and had good progress on it so I started with this one.
My other goal for the year is to work out of my stash if and when I do start a new project (okay not if). LOL. I have told myself that I must at least finish three projects before I allow myself a new start.
So stay tuned this is sure to get ugly! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!